Make your car sound like any car you want.

Let’s face it: you’re probably not going to get that souped up hot rod you always wanted. But at least your current car can sound like the muscle car of your dreams.

VroomBox utilizes a powerful microprocessor to digitally recreate the sound of 15 different cars and fantasy vehicles, and play them through speakers under the car. It even includes special effects such as screeching tires and turbo blow-off valves that trigger automatically. And you can download more cars and effects from the web. Sounds and effects are controlled from a small faceplate with a backlit display that fits neatly on or under the dash.
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Speakers and Amplifier are not included at this price. Note that special pricing on introductory orders will be honored.
Turn this... Into this.
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“Instead of paying $500-$700 to improve the exhaust sound with an aftermarket Cat Back why not pay $159 and make your RX-8 sound like a 71’ Hemi Cuda?”

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Once installed, the VroomBox monitors your engine’s RPM and load constantly, so when you step on the gas or shift gears, your new engine sound follows perfectly. Through speakers mounted under the car, the sound of the engine will be heard loud and clear by those around you. It all works automatically, from the time you start your car until you shut it off, with manual or automatic transmissions. And when you are ready to go back to driving a minivan, just switch it off, for that original “stock” sound.
"Vroom Box is amazing. The sound is so convincing, I sometimes forget what I am driving!"