Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(This section is currently under construction)

Will VroomBox work on my car? top

Vroom Box requires two connections to your car's engine. the first is the tachometer output. If your car has an ignition coil, the negative terminal of the coil can be used. Some coils have a dedicated tachometer output. If your car can accept installation of an aftermarket tachometer, it can probably work with Vroom Box. The second connection is to a vacuum sensor (included with Vroom Box). This sensor must tap in to manifold vacuum on the engine. Often this is as simple as splicing the included "T" fitting into a vacuum line connected to a smog device. Vroom Box also requires +12VDC, but unlike an audio amplifier, it doesn't draw very much amperage, so it can be hooked up to the "accessory" terminal on your car's electrical bus. In that way, it turns on when you turn on the ignition. Finally, Vroom Box outputs a line level audio signal that must be amplified (like your DVD or VCR) using a separate audio amplifier and speakers (not included). The speakers should be located outside the car, ideally either in the engine compartment, or near the exhaust system. Often, the spare tire cavity under the car makes an excellent location, if you can fit your spare in the trunk.

What are the requirements to make VroomBox function? top

  1. +12VDC
  2. Access to tachometer output on the car's coil
  3. Access to manifold vacuum
  4. A suitable location for the Vroom Box control panel
  5. A dedicated audio amplifier (not included). 400 watts works well.
  6. Speakers (not included), and a suitable location to mount them

What other components do I need to complete the installation? top

You will need a suitable set of speakers, and an audio amplifier to drive them. Given the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations of cars, we felt it would be best to allow the owner to decide on the optimal sound system that best meets their particular needs and budget. Our demo system uses a 400 watt Audiobahn amplifier, driving two 8" Polk Audio sub-woofers, and two full range Infinity speakers. This combination is more than adequate for reproducing the loud, deep rumble of a big block V-8.

Typical speaker installation (grills removed)
under the car.

Can I get speakers and amplifier direct from VroomBox?

When will VroomBox be available for purchase? top

We expect availability in the first quarter of 2006 for Vroom Box due to some significant improvements to the feature set. Bear in mind that the product is still under development, and so we cannot promise a specific date. What we can promise is that we will keep you informed (through this web site, and through our mailing list) of our progress, and any changes in the expected delivery schedule.

How can I protect the speakers under the car? top

We recommend using some of the many marine grade weather resistant speaker components available today. Bazooka Mobile Audio makes a wide array of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and powered speaker systems that are waterproof and have protective grills available (see photo below). Boss Audio also has a wide selection of speakers and systems.